Side Ancient Theater and Fortress

Side Ancient Theater and Fortress: Where History and Beauty Converge

Side is a city famous for its historical and natural beauty. The Ancient Theater and Fortress located in this city are unique sites that bear the traces of the past. History and beauty come together perfectly here.

Ancient Theater: Side Ancient Theater was built in the 2nd century BC and has a capacity of around 20,000 people. Reflecting the architectural techniques and aesthetic understanding of the Roman era, the theater carries the legacy of that time. Roaming around the historic atmosphere of the theater provides an immersive experience with history.

Ancient Fortress: Adjacent to Side Ancient Theater, the Ancient Fortress was constructed as part of the region’s defense strategy. The fortress walls and remnants offer visitors the opportunity to journey into the past. Gazing out from its top provides an unforgettable view.

Panoramic Views: Both the Ancient Theater and the Ancient Fortress offer splendid views of the sea and the surrounding nature. Looking out from these areas, history and nature merge to enchant you.

Visiting Information:

  • • Side Ancient Theater and Fortress are located close to the center of Side.
  • • There might be an entrance fee to visit the theater and fortress.
  • • Wearing comfortable walking shoes is recommended as the terrain can be rocky.

Side Ancient Theater and Fortress are essential stops for history enthusiasts and nature lovers. If you wish to journey through the atmosphere of ancient times and explore the past amidst magnificent views, Side Ancient Theater and Fortress await you.